Gentle, Native Super Pollinators!


We're in the process of testing safe products and methods, and becoming distributors of additional Bee-Friendly products. Stay Tuned!

Note: Mason Bee ScentTubes and BeeScent are a unique and proprietary formula developed by JohnnyAppleBeez, LLC


Commerical Agriculture Package - Same complex formula with a quick dry vehicle for application to large blocks or other nesting systems with compressed air sprayer or by brush onto nest faces or other nesting porous surfaces.

Packaging 1 US Quart  glass jar; Estimated  32 applications for 100 hole block

These Retail packaged ScentTubes are natural grass reeds saturated with naturally derived scent through an all natural process, containing four key elements of mason bee nesting and habitat; oil and water based compounds, flora, and hormones ~ creating the scent of "home" to encourage nest retention and propagation success. 

Packaging is 5x8” Mylar Ziploc, packed seasonally.