Gentle, Native Super Pollinators!

Websites and featured notes of some Friends that host our Mason Bees;

A day with the great young minds at Aki Kurose Middle School 2016

We began caring for mason bees as a home hobby for our small orchard in Woodinville, and quickly became intrigued by their gentle native habit and ability to pollinate up to 80x more effectively than Honey Bees in an orchard or small habitat. After casual research and experimenting with their nesting and propagation habits, we quickly had more bees than our property could support. We expanded carefully, selecting sites for bloom diversity and site owners that share our passion for the mason bees.  We support over 40 sites with pollination services in the Puget Sound region at no financial cost to the site owners ~ most reciprocate with baked bread, part of their harvest, or a great BBQ, .....we've made some great friends!